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Bungay Under 11's

2014's crop of Under 11s before their recent victory over Hales

Results & Scorers

05 August 2018  ~ Thetford    Away

29 July 2018  ~ Great Ellingham    Home

22 July 2018  ~ Rocklands    Away

15 July 2018  ~ Old Buckenham    Home

08 July 2018  ~ Mundford    Away

28 June 2018  ~ Garboldisham    Home

03 June 2018  ~ Topcroft  Topcroft won by 5 wickets  Away

Bungay 60 for 5. Topcroft 61 for 2

Great effort by the U11s narrowly losing to Topcroft
Batting first managed only to get a small total of 60 with fletch top scoring with 23 .
Topcroft won with just 10balls to spare . Boys done great
Tom 2 overs 1-1
Fletcher 2 over 0-7
Finny 2 overs 0-6
Will. 2overs 0-1
Frazer 2overs 1-7
Well done bungay


20 May 2018  ~ Mulbarton  Bungay won by 27 runs  Home

Bungay 132 for 0

Mulbarton 105-1

08 May 2016  ~ Hales and Loddon    Home

23 June 2013  ~ Topcroft    Home

13 June 2013  ~ Hales & Loddon    Away

26 May 2013  ~ Norwich    Away

21 May 2013  ~ Lowestoft    Away

10 May 2013  ~ Beccles    Home

28 April 2013  ~ Brooke    Home

24 June 2012  ~ Norwich    Home

17 June 2012  ~ Blundeston    Home

14 June 2012  ~ Brooke    Away

29 May 2012  ~ Topcroft  Bungay lost by 9 runs  Away

Bungay Under 11’s undertook the long journey to Topcroft and fought a closely contested game losing by a margin of 9 runs. Bungay ‘s captain Drinkell won the toss and decided to field first. Topcroft batted consistently and it took until the 7th over before Bungay took a wicket with Drinkell catching off Gardiners bowling. From there Bungay hit a purple patch taking 5 more wickets, 3 from Bond who was neither shaken or stirred by Topcrofts batsmen and 2 more from Collins and Spalding. Topcroft finished 259/6. Coming out to bat after the break Drinkell blazed a trail hitting 28 including five 4’s but in his over exuberance ran himself out twice. Other notable contributions included Ling, Buck and Flood. The game went right down to the last over with Bungay needing 6 to win, however it was not to be and Topcroft played well under pressure taking a wicket right at the death with Bungay ending 250/5. This was a highly enjoyable and competitive game where positives can be taken for the future for the Bungay boys. M.o.m: Ollie Bond.

22 May 2012  ~ Lowestoft  Bungay won by 21 runs  Home

Bungay under 11’s hosted Lowestoft and won by 21 runs. Bungay ‘s captain Charlie Buck won the toss and decided to field first. Ollie Spalding gave them a good start taking 2 wickets, one of them a catch from the reliable hands of Ed Fuller. Fuller bowled well himself taking a maiden over, the remaining team supporting ably with Jamie Scott also taking a wicket. Lowestoft finished 245/3. Coming out to bat after the break Bungay kept it tight with the star of the show being Brandon Ling, hitting amongst his score a superb 4 and ending up on 10. In the mix was Archie Flood with a good knock and Harvey Harris ably coming in for his first appearance this season. Bungay finished 266/3. A lot of positives to take from the game, the young team continue to impress. M.o.m: Brandon Ling

13 May 2012  ~ Hales & Loddon  Bungay beat Loddon & Hales by 12 runs  Home

Bungay under 11’s hosted Loddon & Hales and won a close game by 12 runs. Bungay batted first with solid starts from a pair of Ollie’s, they being Bond and Spalding. In a low scoring innings Bungay only conceded 1 wicket and ended up on 253/1. Stand in Captain Charlie Buck set his field and with some keen bowling Bungay took 5 wickets from Buck, Bond, Jamie Scott and 2 from Luke Gardiner. Loddon finished 241/5. Youngster Archie Flood continues to improve behind the stumps. Special mention to a great catch by Brandon Ling and a terrific direct run-out hitting the stumps from Spalding. M.o.m. Luke Gardiner.

11 May 2012  ~ Beccles  Bungay beat Beccles by 62 runs  Away

Bungay under 11’s beat their close rivals Beccles by 62 runs in their first game of the season. Bungay captain Flynn Drinkell chose to bowl first with Bungay taking 5 wickets, including 2 maiden overs by Charlie Buck. Ed Fuller took a great catch off Brandon Ling with wickets falling for Drinkell, Ollie Bond and Jamie Scott. Beccles ended 224/5. Coming out to bat Drinkell led the charge with 18 including 4 superb 4’s ably supported by his team, Beccles replied taking a single wicket with Bungay finishing 286/1. M.o.m Ollie Bond

04 May 2012  ~ Beccles    Home

01 July 2011  ~ Lowestoft  Bungay won by 6 runs  Home

The last game of the league season saw Bungay entertain the Trawler boys from Lowestoft. Bungay’s Captain for the day was Ed Fuller who took sole responsibility to plaice his crew where he cod sea them, he would not be battered by the visitors even when the chips were down. Herring that Bungay won the toss, Lowestoft took to the field to face Bungay’s shoalers, I mean bowlers, of Callum C-Reed and Fin Drinkell. Read and Drinkell both bowled well netting a wicket each, both from catches taken expertly from Captain Fuller who was in fine form. Fuller himself came into bowl with Jamie Scott with Lowestoft getting quick runs keeping Bungay on their toes. Next in came Oliver Spalding and Luke Gardner who both took a wicket, the game ebbed and flowed between the teams. Fishining off the bowling was Isaac Coddins with Lowestoft getting 251 for 4.


The familiar heads of Drinkell and Spalding opened the batting with Drinkell hitting 2 x 4’s and the pair ending up 18 without loss, a good start. Next came Fuller and Gardiner with Fuller being caught then run out due to over exuberance but Gardiner showing a maturity to achieve a string of runs including a superb 4. Archie Buck next partnered Scott with Buck hitting a best of the day 18 including 3 x 4’s and a string of singles. Scott caught bowled once and coming off there was literally nothing between the teams. So, the name of the game for Bungay was to get a few singles and keep their wicket well protected. Then up stepped Rhinestone Read with his 6 shooter bat sporting the motif “death or glory” who was partnered by Isaac Collins. Collins maintained a cool head getting by keep netting a few shingles without loss.

Read hadd-ocker ideas, his batting innings had more ins and outs than a north sea tide. Fortunately, Bungay managed to get the edge thanks to their run advantage and fishnet 257 for 5, a very close game indeed.


This completes the first league season for this team at the under 11’s and they can all be very proud of themselves and their team.

19 June 2011  ~ Acle  Acle won by 24 runs  Away

Bungay visited the sleepy town of Acle on a beautiful Sunday morning. The team were buoyant after 2 wins on the trot and looked forward to the match against the league leaders. The Captain for the day was Charlie Buck who took the decision to field first after wining the toss. The players took to the pitch and with a lot of encouragement started where they had finished off the game before. The now familiar first bowling pair up were Callum Read and Flynn Drinkell who started with aplomb. Read took one wicket and Drinkell took 3 thanks to 2 terrific catches from Ed Fuller, the first Acle pair went in with their team effectively on a minus score. Bungay had their tails in the air with lots of encouragement all round (although quelled slightly by one of the umpires who deemed it a little too vociferous) with Ed Fuller and Luke Gardiner next to take the ball. Gardiner was suffering from fever, and battled bravely, and clearly was in some distress but pushed on for the team. The runs from Acle remained low but Bungay started to leak a few extras. Next in came Charlie Buck and Ollie Bond who continued a good phase of bowling with Buck taking a wicket thanks to an excellent throw from distance by Jamie Scott taking the bails off. Finally Scott himself came into bowl and took a wicket along with a maiden over and giving away only 1 run, by far his best spell of bowling this season. Its is noted as well that Archie Buck behind the stumps again held the line well and Bungay came in off the field having taken 7 wickets for 243 runs. Of course, the team were up-beat and in normal circumstances this would have been a target they could hit, however Acle had other ideas.


The best that can be said on the Bungay batting is that we scored 7 more runs than Acle, unfortunately we had also given away 2 more wickets and bowled a few more wides. Credit has to go to Acle who held their nerve along with their accurate bowling and in the end it came down to a handful of unforced run-outs and not defending our wicket better. Clearly the home crowd were feeling the tension with an over zealous supporter questioning the umpires decision as if it were the final over in the Ashes opposed to an under 11 game. Bungay finished 219 for 9.

Acle are a good side, unbeaten in this division, and Bungay with their young squad took them right to the wire. Of course, the team were disappointed after such a positive start but should take a lot from the match and also never take anything for granted!

12 June 2011  ~ Brooke  Bungay won by 87 runs  Away

On a beautiful Sunday morning the team took the short journey to Brooke to their idyllic cricket ground. Warmly welcomed by the opposing team Bungay warmed up before the returning captain George Hunt called the toss. Up went the coin, a deathly hush emanated around the field with even the giant oaks stopping to watch, "TAILS" shouted Hunt and with the coin falling onto the wicket Bungay won the toss for the first time. Incredible, and with that Bungay decided to field first.

With their tails up after the recent victory over Loddon a revitalised Bungay took to the field. Steady Bowling from Callum Read and Flynn Drinkell reduced Brookes team to a handful of runs in the first over 4 overs. Then came in Ollie Spalding and Charlie Buck. Buck bowled consistently keeping the score down. Plaudits went to Spalding with what is arguably the best 2 overs bowled by a Bungay player to date by bowling 2 maiden overs and getting a wicket, absolutely excellent. Following on came Jamie Scott and Isaac Collins who found Brookes Top batsman Digby in the middle order who found the boundary 5 times with some powerful pull shots. Finally George Hunt finished off with Read and Drinkell taking a 3rd over each. Read took a wicket and Drinkell carried on his now familiar habit of 2 wickets per match including a maiden over! Yet again, a renewed performance from Archie Buck at the wicket gave the Bungay team confidence throughout with the field yet again well organised by Hunt. Brooke finished 257 for 4.

The secret weapon at half time was brought out again but just as the custard creams were about to be taken Ollie Spaldings Granny bought in some home made flapjacks! Was this bad luck change a winning habit or a blessing, anyway the boys ate both. Read and Scott were first into their pads and some steady batting up until the last 4 balls of their innings was accomplished. Then, Read hit a marvellous 6 into the giant tress which was applauded by the crowd. Approaching High Noon, Read with his Stetson firmly on decided it was time to show who had the best 6 shooter in the west (of Bungay). Unfortunately it was not so much "Bonanza" but more "Little house on the prairie" with Read getting caught going for another big hit then the next ball Scott being run out right at the end. However a positive on the score board for Drinkell and Spalding to follow. The familiar pairing got settled in and then Drinkell decided he too would have a go at Tin Can Alley. He saved the best until last with 3 CONSECUTIVE 6'S. The home crowd showed their appreciation at the first, started to get worried as the 2nd went into the woods then on the 3rd looked over their shoulder to see if the bar was open. Could this performance be beaten, Archie Buck thought he would give it a go. Joined by his cousin Charlie, the Buck boys took their stance to face the next set of Brooke bowlers. A shaft of light shone through the trees and landed on Archie's bat, and in excalibur fashion the left hander possessed the grace of a young David Gower with a reverse sweep going for 4 along with 5 other perfectly timed boundaries. Bungay looked to be in the driving seat and with Hunt and Collins coming into the bat the last overs Bungay increased the lead with Hunt hitting some lovely shots with collins pitching in with some quick singles and a boundary. Bungay ended up 344 for 7.

What was pleasing was that Bungay had fielded a changed side, from the previous game, but maintained their steady progress with bat and ball.

08 June 2011  ~ Hales & Loddon  Bungay won by 90 runs  Away

Will we ever win the toss the team cries! Yet again we lose the first round against Loddon & Hales with captain George Hunt choosing the wrong side. However, not to be downhearted Captain Hunt gathered the troops and with a speech fit for Agincourt organised his team ready for the game.

Bungay batted first. Literally getting changed whilst running from the car park to the crease came Flynn Drinkell partnered by his close companion Ollie Spalding. Immediately the pair start putting the runs on the board, this transformation from the last game is astounding. Drinkell faces most of the balls hitting 5 x 4's ably assisted by Spalding. Next in comes Hunt with Archie Buck who put on a staggering 41 runs between them, each hitting 3 x 4's and running excellent quick singles. Applauded loudly after their innings Hunt and Buck change with Luke Gardiner and Ed fuller who continue the good work and add to the total losing no wickets between them. Finally Callum Read and Ollie Bond finish the innings adding 32 runs giving Bungay a total of 323 runs! After taking into account 2 wickets Bungay finish on 313 for 2, by far the best score to date.

However, the games not over until the fat lady takes the bails off and Bungay took to the field as Bungay have found out to their cost in the recent past. Bungay did have a secret weapon this week, one of the mums had brought in some custard creams and this certainly lifted the boys spirits not to mention their energy levels. Captain Hunt quickly showed his credentials with some superb field placements and man management skills. Wickets fell throughout taken by Drinkell, Read, Fuller (2), Bond (first wicket; good work 007) and Hunt (2). Special mention to Gardiner who took one for the team after receiving a ball into the mouth but carried on regardless. In addition, Archie Buck (after getting 18 runs not out earlier) made a giant step forward with his wicket keeping under the guidance of his captain, well done to both. Loddon and Hales finished on 223 for 7.

Without doubt the best overall performance to date, every player deserves credit for a job well done.

27 May 2011  ~ Topcroft  Bungay lost by 33 runs  Away

Bungay arrived for the evening game at local rivals Topcroft on the back of 2 close contests but yet again lost the toss, a ha-trick of defeats. Then there was the small issue of the cricket match.........

Topcroft batted first and possibly due to the high altitude, therefore lack of oxygen, in South Norfolk most of the Bungay team be become a little lightheaded. This caused the ball, when bowled, to fade and slice like Neil Armstrong's famous moon golf and it rarely troubled the wicket. The exception was Flynn Drinkell who took 2 wickets in his 3 innings, however all of the bowlers succumbed to Topcroft's' fierce batting. 3 other Topcroft scalps were taken through run outs, the best of the bunch was bowled by Charlie Buck with Ed Fuller picking it up at long off and with a tremendous throw hit the stumps. Unfortunately giving away 59 extras at the turn Bungay were facing high target with Topcroft ending on 311 for 5.

A vociferous away crowed encouraged the Bungay batsman in and our young brave-hearts battled the old foe with valour. Alas, it was too much of a mountain to climb with Bungay ending 268 for 4 with only Drinkell making a score into double figures. The crowd although soaked from the light, almost pino grigio coloured, fog descending managed to stand to clap the boys in.

Its just a matter of time for Bungay's hard work and commitment to pay off, taking nothing away from Topcroft this young team are learning all the time so bring on the next game!

18 May 2011  ~ Blundeston  Bungay lost by 16 runs  Home

The under 11's took to the field against Blundeston then having lost the toss they batted first. The captain for this match was Oliver Spalding who faced the first ball with his partner Flynn Drinkell. Spalding went on to get an impressive 13 runs with 12 of them hit as 4's, Drinkell again gave an impressive batting display giving him the highest score of 18 and ,as per his partner, 12 of these were 4's. Following on were Callum Read and Luke Gardiner who put on an impressive combined 22 before, unfortunately, on the last ball miscommunicated with the result of Read being run out. Next in were Charlie Buck and new boy Isaac Collins, a recent acquisition from local rivals Topcroft. The batting remained steady with the loss of only 1 wicket against Collins and for a first outing he is a good addition to the squad. Coming in as the last pair Archie Buck and Ollie Bond each contributed without loss of wicket The improvement was staggering from the week before with every single player making a positive contribution and totalling 309 runs before deduction, finally ending up on 294/3.

The weather threatened to stop the match with intermittent showers but fortunately they abated enough to be able to continue the game. Bungay took to the field full of confidence after their impressive batting display. Things started off well with Drinkell bowling 2 maiden overs with the contribution of Spalding limiting runs to only 13 off the first 4 overs. Read came on partnering Gardiner and at the half way mark Bungay had given away only 35 runs with Read taking 2 wickets, things looked positive for the local side. However, cricket being what it is, the tide changed in the last 8 overs where concentration wandered and the bowling suffered giving Blundeston the upper hand. Buoyed on by Blundestons very vocal support their team ended up getting an impressive 310/2 wickets at the end of the match. This was in no small way attributable to Blundestons captain Steven Moyse who hit an impressive 27 including 4 x 4's without loss against a battling Bungay side.

Although clearly disappointed the team can take a lot of positives out of this game with a much better batting display and limiting the wickets given away. Both of the first games have shown to the under 11's the importance of having an all round game, for this young team in this division its good experience for the future.

12 May 2011  ~ Beccles CC  Bungay lost by 7 runs  Home

After two months of blazing sunshine, dark clouds converged over the Maltings and five minutes before the start the heavens opened. Fortunately, it proved to be a short shower allowing the young men of Bungay and Beccles to lock horns. Beccles won the toss and chose to bat first. For the first four overs Ed Fuller and Ollie Bond stoically defended their wickets for no loss although runs were hard to come by.

Replaced by Flynn Drinkell and Oliver Spalding the two started to put some runs on the boards with four excellent 4’s by Drinkell who had the reckoning of the local rivals, Bungay remained for no loss of wickets. Then came in Jaimie Scott and Charlie Buck who received some ferocious bowling and the stumps started to tumble, but they regained their composure to defend them towards the end of their time. Finally Archie Buck and Captain Callum Read rode in all guns blazing to the crease to start improving the run rate but were found out a few times due to their over exuberance. Bungay finished up 243 for 8.

Turning around quickly, under intermittent dark and sunny spells, Bungay took to the field. They bowled extremely well throughout the squad with wickets taken by Drinkell, Read, C Buck and Fuller. Special praise goes to Bond when he proved he had a licence to bowl and was never shaken or stirred by the Beccles batters. Due to an earlier injury to Archie Buck, Fuller valiantly offered his services for wicketkeeping for the majority of the overs before bowling himself and being replaced by Scott.

Although the better bowling side Bungay lost by 7 runs with Beccles ending 250 for 4, mainly due to the earlier fallen wickets that cost the side dearly. Overall the performance for this first game was very encouraging and will only get better with more experience.


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